FasTrak Coach O High School, Youth & Masters Opener

Saturday February 5-6th, 2022

Yeoman Fieldhouse, University of Houston

Licensed b: Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)


Host: Coach O Event Management


This meet is open to any athlete that falls within the age divisions listed below. AAU individual and club memberships can be obtained through the AAU National Website Each athlete aged 13-18 years may enter in up to a maximum of 4 events including relays. Athletes aged 12 and younger based on year of birth below may only enter in 3 events including relays. If an athlete is entered into too many events, meet management reserves the right to reject the athlete from one or more events without notification.

Age Division:
Age divisions are determined by year of birth. Listed below are the AAU Age Divisions.

5 & 6 Under Girls/Boys (Born 2015 and later) Maximum 3 Events including relays

7 & 8 Girls/Boys (Born 2014 and later) Maximum 3 Events including relays

9 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2013) Maximum 3 Events including relays

10 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2012) Maximum 3 Events including relays

11 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2011) Maximum 3 Events including relays

12 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2010 Maximum 3 Events including relays

13 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2009) Maximum 4 Events including relays

14 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2008) Maximum 4 Events including relays

15-16 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2005-2006) Maximum 4 Events including relays

17-18 year-old Girls/Boys (Born 2003-2004) Maximum 4 Events including relays

19 year-old and Up Women/Men (Born 2002 – below) Maximum 4 Event

Meet Entry Fee: Entry fee is $20.00 per event for each athlete (5-18) for Track & Field events. All members of relay teams, including alternates, who have not entered an individual event, must pay a $30.00 entry fee. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. ALL ENTRY FEES MUST BE PAID ONLINE. Entry will not be processed unless entry fee is paid by the deadline. All major credit cards accepted online. Bring a legible copy of a birth certificate or proof of age, along with a 2021 AAU membership card for each athlete entered; Do not send in advance.

Entry Process:

All teams and unattached athletes must utilize the online entry process via This will permit a very efficient registration process that is easy to use. Immediately after registering online, you will receive a receipt from the website, which will produce a list of all athletes registered for the meet. This receipt should be used as your transcript of your meet entries. If your athletes do not appear on the confirmation, they are not registered for the meet. Please take care of these issues prior to arriving in Houston, TX if possible.

Deadline Date:

Entry deadline February 3, 2022, at 12:00am CST

Packet Pickup:

A packet will be provided for each team consisting of team roster and events entered. A team representative will be responsible for picking up the packets. All teams are urged to pick up packets on Saturday as the lines on Sunday can be long.


$12 per person

(Children 4 and under will be admitted free) Athletes must show bib number to enter free. All coaches will receive one free pass for 4 athletes, two free passes for 5 to 15 athletes and three free passes for 16 or more athletes in their packet.

Covid Protocols:

We will be following all State, City and County guidelines. We ask that you be considerate of others and wear masks when not in competition. Coaches are permitted in the coaching box and will be required to wear masks as well. There will be NO Coaches, Parents and/or Spectators in the Clerking area at any time. There will be NO team or individual warm-ups in the Clerking Area. Athletes participating in running events should warm-up outside until 30 minutes prior to their event. NO SHARING IMPLEMENTS OR RELAY BATONS. You must bring your own implements and relay batons to compete. There will not be any house implements or relay batons to share due to COVID-19 protocols. However, all implements must be weighed in and approved. *No radios, glass containers, or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility.


The FasTrak Athletix T&F Surface is an IAAF Certified (one of only two in the United States), 200-meter banked track (10 degrees) with 6, 39-inch lanes. The infield consists of 8, 42-inch lanes for 60-meter hurdles & sprints horizontal jump runways, 2 pole vault runway pits & 2 high jump pits, that are contested on the sprint straightaway.


NO SHARING IMPLEMENTS OR RELAY BATONS. You must bring your own implements and relay batons to compete. There will not be any house implements or relay batons to share due to COVID-19 protocols. However, all implements must be weighed in and approved.

Awards Area:
In individual and relay events, medals will be presented for participants who finish 1st – 3rd place, ribbons will be presented to participants who finish 4th – 8th place.

Competitors will come pick up their medals at the designated area.

Individual photo opportunities will be available in a socially distanced set-up.

Athletes and their families will be required to leave the area after medals are received and photos taken.

Required Safety


Wear a mask or face covering.

Wash your hands often.

Avoid close contact and stay at least 6ft. from other people.

Cover coughs and sneezes.

Refreshments: Concession Stand will be open.

Results: Results will be posted online at


Bib Numbers: All athletes will be required to wear their bib numbers on the front of your competition singlet at all times of competition. There is a ten-dollar ($10.00) replacement fee for lost bib numbers. Replacement bib numbers can be purchased at the clerking area.

Protests concerning the status or eligibility of any competitor must be made to the AAU Track & Field Committee prior to the commencement of the meet, or the Referee during the meet. Protests relating to matters, which develop during the conduct of the meet, must be made to the Referee and be filed at once, but in any case, not more than 30 minutes after the result has been announced. Protests MUST be filed in writing and presented to the Meet Director accompanied by a cash deposit of $100.00. The Referee shall consider all available official evidence. When the Referee renders his/her decision, there is still the right of appeal to the Jury of Appeals. The jury’s decision is final. If the protest is denied, the cash deposit will be forfeited. PROTESTS CONCERNING JUDGMENT CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.