Our team

Anna Conlan – Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Anna maintains responsibility for most of what goes on at FasTrak events, outside the meet itself. In addition to digital marketing, this encompasses the “patron experience” as well as the activities associated with vendors, catering and housing. Anna has an extensive background in hospitality and major event operations with the likes of Starwood, Hyatt, and IHG clients. She also served in roles associated with Super Bowl XLV and the NCAA National Football Championship. Anna and husband Patrick spend their spare time traveling and doing sports with their two teenage sons. Anna attended Texas State University studying public relations.

Anna Conlan | 512-663-2308 | aconlan@ftathletix.com


Thor Jacobs – Managing Director

As Managing Director of FasTrak Athletix, Thor is primarily responsible for the general business practices of the organization to ensure its viability. This includes overseeing the finances, marketing, community relations and members of the FasTrak team who contribute to the building of a respected brand. Thor is a former Division I football player and Dad to a young son and daughter heavily involved in youth athletics. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

Thor Jacobs | 513-479-0200 | tjacobs@ftathletix.com